Zildjian cymbal dating stamps

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Zildjian cymbal dating stamps

Vibras were B20 Alloy, usually thin, and are described by some as trashy sounding.

Yet, their sizzle and iciness are considered by some musicians to be unique, even by today's standards.

In the 70s, the company name was changed to Zanki, perhaps because the Italian "ch" is pronounced as a "k"; or, perhaps, simply as a marketing device.

During the 70s, Zankis usually had large ink logos with the 'Zanki' name.

Some of these cymbals also show an additional embossment that reads: "Music Industries".

Still others show an ink stamp by the Italian distributor "Mario Corso".

Zildjian's shop manufactured cymbals for the mehter, Ottoman military bands consisting of wind and percussion instruments, which belonged to the Janissaries.It is reputed that Fiorello used the larger workshop at UFIP to do his rotocasting.These rotocast cymbals bore a new embossed stamp, "Zanki Rotocasting".Per the same source, it is said that Fiorello started his own workshop, Zanchi, in 1947, and began producing handmade, hand-hammered cymbals.However, to date none of these pre-50s Zanchis have shown themselves on the market (see below). Fiorello and Figli (Fiorello Zanchi and Sons) were responsible for all Zanchi cymbals.

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Later Kent did sublet some of their manufacturing to Pearl.

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