Xmlvalidatingreader vs xmlreadersettings

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Max Characters From Entities = 80; //0 doesn't make sense here, as it's the default value //create Xml Reader later, passing the pre-defined settings var xml Reader = Xml Reader. Full Name, settings); //the rest of the codes remain untouched var vr = new Xml Validating Reader(xml Reader); vr.

Load an XML document, delivered using an Xml Reader.

Line numbering is not available for all kinds of source: in particular, it is not available when loading from an existing Xml Document.

Line numbers are maintained only for element nodes; the line number returned for any other node will be that of the most recent element.

An error occurred at XML/1.2.014/c XML.dtd, (3024, 29).

Validation event (3835, 79): The parameter entity replacement text must nest properly within markup declarations.

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I DON'T CARE if there's a DTD, I just want to IGNORE it, but it won't.

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