Www mensdatingmanual com

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Www mensdatingmanual com

Part of the reason why is that I volunteer my time for jobs that are not part of my "at work" responsibilities.One of the things I do is serve as a mentor/sounding board for students at my Undergrad Alma Mater who are considering law school.In part, it is because we value worth in terms of money, and those jobs pay the most.But also it is because those are the easiest jobs to get-- the employers come to school and hire you!

Others want money or prestige more than anything else.I also talk to law students considering their options.My advice to aspiring lawyers is to "go do something else for a while" and/or "Once you put on a business suit, its hard to take it off." I worked for five years before law school and was amazed by the feeding frenzy for jobs that occurred while I was in law school.Rarely do they express an interest in teaching, and the top students also seem generally disinclined to criminal law.So, why do so many of the best students choose to go off to the worst jobs (in terms of happiness)?

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