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The contestants then have to complete a series of challenges to figure out the pairings, with a million dollars at stake if they guess correctly.

Unsurprisingly, the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, with the show exploring the complexities of gender and desire in a way that’s so rarely portrayed on mainstream TV.

The Guyliner breaks down the various tried, tested and terrible tropes of dating apps Competition on dating apps is fiercer than ever.

Saying how good you are in bed in your profile is fine if you’re offering a service and having sex for money – although beware of making any money-back guarantees – but if you’re there to attract people based on looks/personality/“banter” alone, you should let them discover that for themselves.Make sure none of them is as attractive as you, though; in a group photo, always strive to be the Coke, never the Pepsi.Eighteenth-century novels may tell us that to be more attractive, a title certainly helps, but inventing one for yourself is a huge turn-off.Gentle humour, even some light but positive self-deprecation, are dating bio staples, so use them well and people will flock.False advertising, however, only leads to disappointment.

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Talk about on your bio, not the mythical manic pixie dream girl or magical chiselled metrosexual you crave. Dismiss your criteria, prepare to leave boxes unchecked. Listing your alleged “preferences” is the reddest flag of all to anyone potentially interested in you.