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Vintage tupperware dating

We looked closely at 11 common kitchen items and we’re going to help you discover when it’s time to throw in the towel and toss them.I hang onto dishcloths and towels longer than I like to admit.Think about how many food spills or dirty dishes you have wiped with that dishcloth.

Considering we often heat and freeze those containers as well as store them in the fridge, there is no wonder that the plastic can break down over time.We get it, you invest in kitchen tools and want to make them last forever.However, some kitchen items just lose their quality over time, some deteriorate due to neglect while some can virtually last you forever.When you dry dishes here and there it doesn’t seem like a towel could get dirty so quickly but it actually can.We often use dish towels to dry dishes, wipe up counters or spills on the floor but keep in mind everytime it touches an area that has had dirty food, a beverage spill or what have you that bacteria will slowly build up over time.

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Play It Safe: If not daily, at least once a week 2 Next to the dishcloth, we can quite often expect to find a sponge in the kitchen sink.

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