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We’ll be extending this prototype as we go on with this project. But first we need to learn about custom element lifecycles.

Custom elements have a number of functions that get called throughout their lifecycle.

Make a copy of the The app is now running on localhost:3000. When you build a component, it lives in its own file and can be imported. Let’s start our component by creating the HTML import for it.

Together, they can create reusable user interface widgets that encapsulate a behaviour and can be used, as displayed above, by importing the component and placing a custom element in an HTML page.

Web Components were first introduced in 2011 and are the browsers’ attempt to bring componentisation to the web platform.

There are a few libraries available for writing Web Components, most notably Google’s Polymer, but also X-Tag and Bosonic.

The chat solution is inbuilt with Web RTC signaling where making high-quality video/audio calls to any user at any time is made simple.

Contus Fly offers to make video/audio calls to “N” number of users regardless of the cost/minute usage.

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From grandparents wanting to connect with their grandchildren, and meetings that have to be held up through conferencing video calls, video chat apps like Skype are at its forefront of the video calling revolution.