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You can add 'proftpd-basic' to the end of the line above if you want.This is what i'm trying to update to 1.650 but it wont update.

SEE: System update policy template download (Tech Pro Research) You only need two things to make this happen. Do note, should your kernel be upgraded, you need to reboot the server.

still 1.791 To be honest no idea why I was asked to upgrade it - not my VM, just helping ;-) Cheers! IIRC Webmin is a much older version in our v13.x/Debian Wheezy repo.

Cool, well glad to hear that it sounds like it will stick at the newer version.

However it is an all-in-one type installer so will include lots of modules that will be irrelevant to your server (hence why TKL build their own with all the separate modules split into individual installers).

If you do go with the upstream version I'm not sure if the TKLBAM module will work with it (but you could always try I guess...).

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My install of TKL LAMP included Webmin 1.590 I did a manual install of Wordpress.

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