Updating ports bsd 5 4

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Updating ports bsd 5 4

Note this is not necessary for new installations since around 22 April 2015 (The alias is predefined for pkg(8) version 1.5.1 and later).

On the other hand, many people use pkg(8) by itself and never install the optional portupgrade or portmaster tools.

You may edit or add new repo configuration files as necessary. The normal use case is that someone builds specific packages (e.g.

using poudriere) which should have a higher priority over the official packages. The last output of "pkg -vv" lists all enable repositories and their priority values. done # pkg info ca_root_nss-3.13.5 The root certificate bundle from the Mozilla Project curl-7.24.0 Non-interactive tool to get files from FTP, GOPHER, HTTP(S) servers pkg-1.0.12 New generation package manager .

Usually there are upgrading hints at /usr/dports/UPDATING, but there are issues with this method of communication Additionally, over time Administrators install packages to evaluate them or otherwise don't need them any longer, but often the Administrators forget to remove the package and its dependencies later.

These extra packages still get upgraded unnecessarily.

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It was developed for Free BSD, but PC-BSD used it in production first, followed soon after by Dragon Fly.

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