Unmoderated chan

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Unmoderated chan

Other suggestions include sending him a PS4 - a gift unlikely to make it into the prison. Corrections has been roundly criticised for allowing Tarrant to send letters from prison, particularly the five that were posted to unknown locations around the world.

Many are concerned that his correspondence could be interpreted as a call to action by other white supremacists.

He put me and my brother into the foster care system. Sorry, I actually can’t get to that phone, and my housekeeper isn’t here, either. My housekeeper does yoga every day, so she comes by around 10. I would say my first actual computer program that did something more than print “Hello world” was when I was 13. Because I didn’t unban him, he decided to post it on the channel and the board. I was scared, though, so I quickly quit and didn’t go back. I’m curious about repercussions—if things ever went bad or weird for you on an imageboard site, if you ever ostracized somebody, or you were ostracized.In response, enraged users on the imageboard website 4chan have suggested bombarding the prison with messages demanding his privileges be reinstated.4chan, which lets users post anonymously in unmoderated threads, has become a haven for white supremacists and the 'alt-right' movement.All the 4chan users came over and started creating new threads and pushed all game-related threads off. As far as directly making friends over 4chan goes, it’s pretty impossible. But all people really do is post pictures and make jokes.They weren’t very good keeping a secret of where they were from. People are very hesitant on an anonymous board to post a way to contact them. You know, these days I don’t care, but I was 15 at the time. Not only that, but it was my dad who would’ve answered the phone—not my actual dad, the foster dad. Say things they’d be afraid to say in everyday life.

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There was registration, but you could easily make a ton of accounts, and nobody checked, other than, “are you older than 13? One time, I dunno how it happened, but 4chan’s /b/ board got wind that this new game that was released had this open BBS you could go to that ‘s a lot like 4chan. It completely destroyed my computer, I remember that, during Chanology stuff. Other than that really crazy imageboard experience…

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