Unhappy married dating

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Unhappy married dating

It's all about the feelings guys, get it right, ok you did get the age of marriage right, I believe it should be law, nobody is allowed to get married in their 20's you are finding out, who you are, and what you want! Grace August 19 at pm · Delete Kat Wardenskii was thinking about you and hillary the other day--about how the three of us were walking down the street in southampton and i divulged my glutonous view of soul mates and true love and yadda yadda and the two of you told me i was crazy August 19 at pm · Delete Sam Moorewhen do we get to bring religion into this convo?August 19 at pm · Delete Elke Marks I love when people blame the institution of marriage instead of taking responsibility for either making a bad choice, a mistake, marrying for the wrong reason, marrying the wrong person or not knowing yourself enough yet to make the right choice. August 19 at pm · Delete David Knightley Second Elke :)August 19 at pm · Delete Sally Morse Yeah Elke!August 20 at am · Delete Sam Moore I am going to have to put my foot down.... The 'institution of marriage' creates an enormous stigma, both good and bad.Its centered in almost every culture around the world and it puts HUGE pressure on children from a very early age to get married. The more you are influenced by society and pressures by culture, religion, and or parents, the more likely to make a bad choice you are.

As for the rest of us who are happily ensconced in relationships and not hanging with the crowd anymore, give it a rest.

We enjoyed our single days, and are now enjoying our coupledom days. Personally, I recommend waiting until AFTER 30 to get married.

You don't see us on here knocking your lifestyle choices online. I know 7 couples who divorced this yr, under the age of 30.

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She will have her own life, and will want you to have yours too - setting the perfect scene for a casual relationship.