Ultimate dating weekend

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Ultimate dating weekend

I think this would follow up on the same concept as having the individual players' stats on screens that were flanking the main big one (though it was a little difficult to tell the yellow ult charge bar from the light background). Allen Event Center - Allen I went with my brother, who is a huge Overwatch fan, and we both loved it.Minor nits, but overall an exciting and engaging experience. Video gaming teaches me a lot about friendships, love, skills, humanity, different perspective on worldview, and loyalty. The atmosphere for the Battle of Texas was fantastic!I cannot wait for another Dallas home game, and if Houston gets one soon I'll be there too! I didn't buy any food, but it seemed like lots of folks around me enjoyed what they bought at concessions.As far as the host/Allen Event Center goes, this venue went above expectations.

The energy was so strong and the crowd really kept the entire venue amped! Getting through security was a no issue, though upon reentry, there was a hiccup in consistency, I had to walk back to my truck to leave my bag I had previously walked in with. The bathrooms and lobby areas were clean and kept maintained throughout the day.If I were to make a suggestion as well, the screen they used to show the match was a fine size, but icons displayed in it were hard to tell, even sitting closer up to the screen.There were two smaller screens on either side of the arena, and I would've liked to see point percentage/payload stats up there instead, to give the audience less cluttered viewing space on the main one.As for the event itself, the equalizer for the games weren't well balanced.It was difficult to hear the commentators and other sfx over certain sound effects playing in-game during the match.

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We also like the selection of restaurants within walking distance after the event.