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I also assume that Japanese guy can’t tell their complain to you. Once I had a long discussion because it’s really difficult to make him speak up his mind.

So I always have to ask him whether he has complain about me or not.

However, if you would like to date a woman and marry her eventually, then much more is involved. He doesn’t even have time for me on weekdays because of his work, so we only communicate or meet on the weekend (That’s only when he visits my country).When we’re on LDR, we only communicate through video call on Sunday.Thus, your dating conduct will be guided by the expectations of your relationship.For example, for dating that will lead to marriage and that is in accordance with the Japanese culture, first, there is gokon (blind dates with friends), then there is kokohaku which is where you say “I love/like you” which is taken as an expression of interest to take her out.

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If you are a shy boy, are 30 years old and you still do not have a job, she may not want to go out with you. Thus, many women are used to splitting bills especially when they are with their Japanese male counterparts. When reading about dating in Japanese culture, you will find that splitting bills with women is quite common. They are poor drinkers who don’t drink a lot lest they cause a scene. Japanese women expect such questions, but they may not feel obligated to be truthful with you, and you may have to ask to see proof. If she takes too long to text you back, if she grows cold towards you, the relationship has most likely ended. Conclusion The key to be a successful one time dater or serial dater is to be a gentleman with women.

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