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Theming recognizing validating sequencing

* * This property allows the constraint user to choose whether the constraint * targets the return type of the executable or its array of parameters.* * A constraint is both generic and cross-parameter if * A constraint is said to be generic if it has at least one constraint validator targeting the element annotated i.e.Thus the Bean Validation API can be used to describe and validate the contract (comprising pre- and postconditions) applying to a given method ("Programming by Contract", Pb C).Note that it is the goal of this specification to develop a fully-fledged Pb C solution but rather an easy-to-use facility satisfying the most common needs related to applying constraints to method parameters and return values, based on the proven concepts of the Bean Validation API.

This API is seen as a general extension to the Java Beans object model, and as such is expected to be used as a core component in other specifications.The main contribution of Bean Validation 2.0 is leveraging the new language features and API additions of Java 8 for the purposes of validation.Java 8 or later is required to use Bean Validation 2.0.This opens up for a more natural and standard integration both in Java EE and Java SE and encompass dependency injection, component lifecycle management and interception for method validation.The specification offers a way to alter the targeted group when validation cascading is happening.

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