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The site is updating now stay tuned

Currently, each Stash Point has the interaction marker (small white square) that indicates that you can interact with an item.

Now, that interaction marker will be ‘filled in’ to indicate that an item is stashed there.

The slightly faded yellow shows how much room there is for more attention before the guard will react. We’ve fixed an issue where Diana, Agent 47’s handler, would not introduce targets (and key objectives) in some missions. However, we’ve made a small tweak to give her a few days off every so often.

Now, after hearing Diana introduce a target (or key objective) once, she won’t introduce that particular target again for a period of 48 hours real-time.

Now, we have added a slightly larger exclamation point to the interaction button and we’ve made the interaction circle turn red (rather than white) when performing the action.

The release time for this location will vary depending on your platform and region.

The mission name for this location is ‘Crime and Punishment’ and will include new trophies and achievements to earn.

Agent 47’s rifle for this mission, ICA Druzhina 34 Arctic, can also be unlocked for use in all sandbox locations.

It was previously a 3D object in the world and in some cases, depending on where the camera was positioned, it wasn’t visible to the player.

In the (zoomed) image below, you can see the new colour showing how much attention has been gained.

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