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The secret guide to dating monsters pdf

Orrrrrrrrr you can have a person who shapeshifts into an otter. Depending on its mood, a Kushtaka might aid a sailor — or drown him.The creature can mimic human voices while in otter form and thus, for good or ill, can lull the drowning by imitating the voices of their loved ones. Anyway, Arizona’s particular Bigfoot, just like a bunch of other Bigfeet, is said to smell pretty terrible.So read on to see what your home state has to offer the world in terms of things that go bump in the night. ALABAMA Monster: A gigantic wild boar The gist: Weighs upwards of 1,000 pounds, is wild boar.Story: Tales of gigantic wild boars remain a big thing in those parts of the South where wild pigs still roam free. Oh, and the pig itself may have started out as a farm pig before being sold to a game preserve.WOLFLORD Location: The Mana Fortress HP: 280 MP: 50 EXP: 4210 Gold: 2400 Weak: Lumina Immune: ? Spells: (7) Cure Water, Lunar Boost Treasure: Faerie's Ring Rare: Glove Orb (Candy if lvl 9) Traps: ?Here you will find a field-guide to the werewolves, lake monsters, vampires, swamp people, and space brains that populate these 50 states.TSUNAMI Location: The Mana Fortress HP: 388 MP: 99 EXP: 3700 Gold: 2280 Weak: Salamando Immune: ?Special: Splits Spells: (7) Acid Storm, Energy Absorb, Freeze Treasure: Amulet Ring Rare: Spear Orb (Candy if lvl 9) Traps: ?

While many discount the beast as a creature of local folklore, that hasn’t stopped an intrepid group of underfunded devil researchers from launching 41 hunts for the creature, though sadly it seems 2009 was the last time they set out to find what would be the ultimate taxidermy trophy.

Because here there be monsters — and over there, too.

In fact, there be monsters in just about every state, except for Delaware and Kansas (maybe).

Rare: If you're lucky you'll get this treasure, but it happens only once in a while.

Traps: The traps the treasure chest might have in it.

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ARKANSAS Monster: Tahoe Tessie The gist: A boring lake monster Story: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Which are pretty much all the same, and always sound like plesiosaurs, and don’t do much other than maybe surface and scare people. Story: Betty and Barney Hill were a married couple who, in 1961, came out with an extraordinary story.

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