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Tenerife dating site

As is the case for many of Spain’s greatest rivalries, the political and social elements of the islands have a tremendous effect on the levels of passion seen from supporters in these fixtures.The cities that are represented by the two clubs, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, are the capitals of the region.Sides such as Real Club Victoria date back to the early 1900s, and UD Las Palmas were ultimately born as a type of merger between five different teams.The goal was to help keep talented players on the island instead of them departing elsewhere, and This aspect is important to consider in their initial years, accomplishing something that no other team have been able to repeat.One of the elements of this rivalry that stands out for many fans is the geography of the clubs involved.With home grounds situated on two separate islands, it is certainly a different type of spin on a typical derby match.

Tourists descend on the Canary Islands every year for fun in the sun, but football is a top priority as well for both UD Las Palmas and CD Tenerife.

The likes of Amancio Amaro (Real Madrid) and Johan Cruyff (Barcelona) helped to lead their teams to success throughout the years, and Las Palmas were able compete with a significant number of local players.

An exception was seen in the late 70s though, as a wave of individuals from South America would make their mark in La Liga.

The club’s fortunes would take a significant turn in 1963, as manager Vicente Dauder began a run that would ultimately become their finest ever in La Liga.

The late 1960s truly saw the squad hit their stride, with confidence and guile.

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