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And this time archaeologists have been able to find seals () that date back to a fascinating epoch of the First Jewish Temple (also known as Solomon’s Temple), inside the perimeters of the National Park.In other words, the ancient seals, with some of them still bearing the actual names of officials, probably hark back to the period of the Judean kingdom prior to its destruction by the Babylonian empire.“The boulders in the tower’s base in and of themselves do not yield any information other than the fact that whoever placed them there had the ability to maneuver such heavy stones.But underneath the boulders, the soil exhibits the layers typical of archaeological strata, and these can reveal the latest date that the site was occupied before the tower was built,” said Boaretto, a nuclear physicist educated in Italy and Israel, with a Ph D from Hebrew University.

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Archaeologist Eli Shukron, who claims to uncovered the citadel captured from the Jebusites by King David, walks in the City of David archaeological site near Jerusalem’s Old City on Thursday, May 1, 2014.

(AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner) Raising and dismissing the possibility that the tower was built in the Canaanite period and reconstructed during the Israelite period, Boaretto says understatedly, “The conclusive, scientific dating of this massive tower, placing it in a later era than was presumed, will have repercussions for other attempts to date construction and occupation in ancient Jerusalem.” How widespread the radiocarbon dating’s repercussions extend, however, is already up for debate. Israel Finkelstein told The Times of Israel that Boaretto’s study, while interesting, is not decisive.

Left untouched and until now sealed by massive boulders at the tower’s base, the soil that was studied forms part of the structure’s foundation.

Anything found below the base would predate its construction.

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The Spring Citadel was excavated in the City of David National Park by dozens of researchers led by Professor Ronny Reich of the University of Haifa and Eli Shukrun of the Israel Antiquities Authority and dated to 3,800 years ago.

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