T a s dating students

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T a s dating students

This rubric needs to be discussed in some depth to ensure that both you and the faculty member understand the assignment requirements in the same way.

Always provide your students with as much constructive feedback as possible; offer comments that develop students' understanding and advance their learning.

You may even want to share it with new TAs, to give them some insight into the experience of being a classroom teaching assistant.

If you have any questions or would like a sounding board, please contact Jenny Hadingham at CETL.

Don't forget to include some of the things that were generally well done—such validation is important for student motivation.

This policy applies to all officers of instruction, research and the libraries, including student officers of instruction and research and graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants. Should a romantic or sexual relationship with a student lead to a charge of sexual harassment or sexual assault against a faculty member, the University is obligated to investigate and resolve the charge in accordance with the should be directed to the Associate Provost, Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, 103 Low, 212-854-5918, [email protected]

Revision History: Revised: September 2012 Latest Revision: October, 2015 To see the full text of this policy, please use the link on the right.

After every class, reflect on what happened in the day's session—what worked, what did not, and what you might want to do differently in future.

Capture these thoughts in a journal, and keep coming back to them—this journal will become a resource for you in future.

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Doing this allows you some insight into potential problems that students might experience, as well as an opportunity for developing solutions in advance.

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