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So, it really established a quick history between us and it was really helpful because we were able to base our relationship not just off of one date or going out with friends one time.

I know you hoped to build on your connection once you got home, but were you really confident at the time you could make that happen and form a successful relationship?And so, we'll see what goes on when Summer moves out here.That's our biggest leap for right now, and you know, three or five year -- which ever it might be -- I definitely see better things coming.I want to move one more time before everything settles down, so I want to move out there, clear my head, be with you, and start anew, and then see where it goes from there." I asked her to go out there and I looked into the fire department and everything to change careers, but she was very adamant about working together.She wants to make sure that everything goes well with my new job that I picked up.

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