Stop being the nice guy dating

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So after seeing another friend get burned by this, I am putting this out there so that any other dudes in similar situations can't say they weren't warned. That is fine, but you guys need to stop attaching yourselves to these women who are constantly in need of being rescued.Girls like it when you do things for them, and you know that, but you are going about the whole situation in the wrong way.As a man who has been married to a strong, self-reliant woman for a long time, and who has seen many of his friends fall to broken princesses, that's all I've got. The problem with white knights is that they don't see themselves as white knights so their motivations get all skewed. Doing something nice for someone to get in their pants is also fine.Doing something nice for someone to get in their pants and then expecting them to put out just for that, now that's not fine.An example given was a guy getting lunch for his girlfriend (I presume), several times.Say a woman makes dinner for her partner every day - how is this any different?To be clear, I am not saying that all women are a certain way, or that men should not do nice things for ladies.I am talking about very specific types of individuals, and the people I am targeting this post to, will recognize that, even if you do not.

I am a little confused by the OP, and I'd like to offer a different perspective.

If you lost your job or your car and couldn't do those things for her, it would not change her opinion of you. Stop being the white knight off to rescue the princess.

Instead, be the white knight looking for a lady of war to fight by his side.

In the mind of many a white knight the last scenario is fine.

They think that by doing enough nice thing they fill up the "have sex with me" meter and the person they are nice to will fall for them.

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During my depressive episodes, I needed him to help me with basic things like pushing me to get out of bed, reminding me to eat, and quite often even making dinner himself or getting us take-away.