Sex dating in crescent oklahoma

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Sex dating in crescent oklahoma

Members of Houston’s Innocent Images Task Force—which investigates child pornography—helped search Latigo’s electronics.They uncovered photos and were able to document that Latigo accessed social media sites from the machines.So they reported it.”The FBI reached out to the victim, who showed agents numerous text messages and played voicemails from Martin.He repeatedly said he would share nude photos he had taken of her unless she gave him money.During the course of the investigation, Petrowski discovered that other victims had filed similar complaints with local police.

The amended law in part makes it illegal to use “any interactive computer service or electronic communication service” to conduct activity that places a person “in reasonable fear” of death or serious bodily injury, or that causes or could cause “substantial emotional distress.” The law states the actions must be intentional.

The FBI sent letters to social media companies to preserve certain records in order to prevent Latigo from covering his tracks.

Agents also served search warrants, seizing computer equipment from his home.

Children and young adults seem particularly susceptible to sextortion—when a victim is threatened with the release of private and sensitive information unless sexual favors, nude photos, or other demands are met.

But two unrelated cyberstalking crimes committed months apart and hundreds of miles away from each other serve as a reminder of the dangers of compromising personal photos being in the wrong hands, no matter the age of the victim.

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I hope other people will think twice about it.”Victims in both cases received support through the FBI’s Victim Services Division.

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