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These are places where you just sit around drinking the night away and chatting with the Phuket girls.

They generally are not quite as attractive as at the Go-Go’s but you can get lucky and find a really hot one from time to time.

Here you can throw your net out, but again be diplomatic but specific.

Some of the girls here are just looking for a drink and a laugh.

Make sure you explore the dark under belly of Bangla Road nice and early.

If it is the more exotic or better looking Patong girl that you are looking for then a visit to a Go Go bar might be a better option.

For more info this, read my guide on finding freelancers in Phuket.

These will be the places where you are likely to find the most attractive girls, but they know they are hot and will ask for a high price.

It does not have as big of a girly bar sex scene as you will find in Bangkok or Pattaya but there is still one around if those are the type of Phuket girls you are after.

There are many non pro’s about as well but in Thailand that line can always get pretty blurry and it is hard to know who you are really talking to.

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They should be a lot closer to the 500 barfine than the 3000.

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