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Talking of Beyonce and Jay Z actually feels like that the couple is made for almost ever! And now with almost a decade these two celebrities are togetherl you will hardly fear a single tinture of them getting broken up.In 2002, Beyoncé featured as Jay Z’s girlfriend in a music video and later in 2008, the two got married privately.She gave birth to Blue Ivy Carter in 2012, after having a miscarriage in the previous year.Beyoncé featured in the Self Made Woman list of Forbes and ranked 56 Very recently in the beginning of year 2017, the couple was rumored to be divorced.Out of 46 Grammy nominations, she has bagged the award 19 times, and in its history, is also the third most honored woman.Apart from Grammy, she also have a lot of records on her name.Not just rumored, it was very confidently said that like the couple married secretly. But none of it was true and we are back to Beyonce Boyfriend Jay Z cum husband to their marry go round of a life!Well we actually hope that this married couple keep prospering and keep us entertained with their awesome songs!

She later attended a music magnet school- the Parker Elementary school in Houston.Some almost fear their power and often brings unfounded rumors of them being part of a so-called Illuminati.While there isn’t any evidence of that, Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s relationship is one worth analyzing to see how large their influence is.Followed by the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts and then Alief Elsik High School.She started off with a girls group and when one of their albums reached Grammy nominations.

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And men dressed in tuxedos were spotted on the roof of the building, where a white tent was erected.

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