Rihanna and chris brown secretly dating

Posted by / 18-Jul-2020 17:44

Rihanna and chris brown secretly dating

The facts speak for themselves, and my talent speaks for itself.

I'm not a party in any way to some all-powerful secret society somehow fixing the fate of the world behind closed doors for nefarious ends. An anonymous source claiming close ties with the Illuminati told The Daily Quarterly that the Bajan singer is in fact involved with the secret society.

Her talent is not commensurate with her level of success, the source said.

Earlier this week, Rihanna posted a photo of herself clad in lingerie to promote her Savage X Fenty collection.

Earlier this week, Page Six reported that the singer rekindled his romance with 25-year-old model Indya Marie on set of Eric Bellinger’s “Type a Way” video.This is not the first time Chris has been seen in Rihanna’s comments.He left the flushed face emoji on a topless Instagram photo of her back in November.The slanted cross is actually a symbol of the Freemasons, who are believed by some to overlap or possibly even be under the control of the Illuminati, a supposed secret society consisting of some of the most powerful people in the world and bent on controlling global affairs through various governments and corporations with the goal of establishing a new world order.But how does the new tattoo and the Illuminati explain Rihanna and Chris Brown's on-again/off-again relationship?

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In The Word According 2 Heaven Hollywood, supposed ex-Illuminati member John Todd is quoted as once saying, [N]ot only are their illuminati members but also there are Illuminati marriages.