Regular expression for validating email in c totally membership dating site

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Regular expression for validating email in c

I've tried to help this situation by creating an API for you guys: https:// I've seen a huge number of users do exactly this.

Anyone who says "let the confirmation email handle it" clearly only has HN readers as customers.

Remember that new TLDs are added, and that [email protected] can actually be entirely valid.

If you want to prevent "[email protected]", then use a real RFC-compliant e-mail address parser, and attempt to resolve the domain component MX/A records (and remember, it might be an IP address).

You use the Luhn algorithm which tells you if it's possible for that number to be valid or not. Also, don't attribute bad programming to me in your comments when you have no idea what regex I use - that's just rude and belligerent.

"That way you can help users that messed up their email but not prevent all the corner cases.

The idea is that most email addresses fall in a very narrow subset of the RFC: [email protected] most people would have entered their email wrong if it didn't match that pattern. From a previous startup we saw a ton of signups like, "[email protected]" and the like.

In what world is not validating an email a good thing?

It's not like emails vary after a certain complexity is reached.

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That condition aside, Mailcheck is pretty much all you'll ever need.[0] Mailcheck looks pretty interesting - I'd been considering adding some sort of client side validation for email addresses for my personal projects, and this looks pretty solid.

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