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Process for liquidating a mutual fund

This means that because of the mutual fund transaction delay, I would be getting less for my money than I would have if I managed to buy the shares before the close on Monday.

Fortunately for me, my transaction took a day longer.

Mutual funds differ from regular stocks in that you can’t buy and sell mutual fund shares instantaneously during the day.

Mutual fund share prices do not fluctuate throughout the day.

Because I don’t keep any money in my vanguard account (besides what is in the VFIFX fund), when I clicked “Buy” I was actually initiating a transaction to transfer money from my checking account to the vanguard account to buy mutual fund shares.

As it turns out it took a day for the money transfer to occur (this may take longer/shorter with your specific accounts), which meant I bought shares at the close of Wednesday August 10th.

The process of getting a loan against financial securities is fast and assured.As you may already know, I am the proud owner of a Vanguard Target Date Fund.I’ve included a screenshot of the chart for my fund (VFIFX) spanning the last 20 or so days, including the crazy last week.On Monday, August 8th, around 10pm (after the trading day closed) I initiated a transaction to buy more shares of VFIFX – when it was listed at about .25 a share.At PM on August 9th – when my transaction should have been completed – the price was about .00 a share.

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In this post, we will try to understand the process of getting a loan against mutual funds.

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