Pregnant after one month of dating

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Pregnant after one month of dating

I wasn’t sure where I fit into the dynamic: I’d just been broken up with but I couldn’t exactly drown my sorrows in a bottle of tequila, and I didn’t want to test my newly weakened gag reflex (thanks, morning sickness! What I wanted was to enjoy digital dating before my days were filled with changing nappies and taking naps.When it came time to make my profile, I figured a complete stranger didn’t have the right to know every detail of my personal life.He typed back a simple “OK,” and for the rest of the night a tape of what it might’ve been like kept playing over in my head.Were the “pregnancy guilts” stopping me from dating like I really wanted to?From everything I’d read about raising a kid, I knew I’d barely have time to shower once the Bub arrived, so I couldn’t imagine when I’d next be able to paint my nails and smack on some lipstick for a casual hang with a stranger.The idea that I wouldn’t be able to date in a few months made me want to do it even more.When I was pregnant, the last place I expected to find myself was on Tinder.

By the second date I went on—with a guy who used the F-bomb or worse in every sentence—it occurred to me that I was so passionate about punching some holes in my date card that I’d conveniently forgotten how hit-or-miss the whole damn process can be.After all, I hadn’t even told the majority of my friends and family during the early stage of my pregnancy.Should I actually hit it off with someone well enough that they asked me out for a second date, I’d go, and if we hit the trifecta, I’d reveal the truth behind my hearty appetite and frequent trips to the restroom. So at eight weeks' pregnant, I started swiping.She received her Master of Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1983.There are 9 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

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