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Adrian's charter gave him the patent on Newfoundland and all points north, where geographers expected to eventually find a long-sought Northwest Passage to Asia.Raleigh was awarded the lands to the south, though much of it was already claimed by Spain.As retaliation, the settlers sacked and burned the village.English writer and courtier Richard Hakluyt's contemporaneous reports also describe this incident.

They returned with a Croatan, Manteo, and a Secotan, Wanchese, who were able to describe the politics and geography of the area to Raleigh.

Following the failure of the 1585 settlement, a second colony led by John White landed on the same island in 1587, and became known as the Lost Colony due to the unexplained disappearance of its population.

Lane's colony was troubled by a lack of supplies and bad relations with the local Native Americans.

The fleet departed Plymouth on April 9, 1585, with seven ships: The Tiger (Grenville's flagship, with Simon Fernandes as pilot), the Roebuck (a flyboat, captained by John Clarke), the Red Lion (under the command of George Raymond), the Elizabeth (captained by Thomas Cavendish), and three full-rigged pinnaces (including Raleigh's own ship the Dorothy).

Among the colonists were metallurgist Joachim Gans, scientist Thomas Harriot, and artist John White.


(Hakluyt's reports of the first voyage to Roanoke were compiled from accounts by various financial backers, including Sir Walter Raleigh.