Post op mtf dating

Posted by / 14-Jan-2020 17:19

After putting a callout on social media, I was inundated with responses from trans women all across the world telling me they’d lost count of the number of times they’d been blocked, for seemingly no reason.

One US-based woman, who requested not to be named in this story, told me over the phone, “Honestly, it would be quicker to list the months I where I haven’t been banned”.

She says that it was common to be instantly fetishised.

“Comments like ‘I prefer trans women over ‘real women’’, or immediate messages of ‘Would you fuck me and cum on me’ felt degrading,” she says. Her experience of having her profile deleted was on OK Cupid, after requesting that she and the man she’d been speaking to meet for the first time in a public place, for safety reasons.

The only women who tell me they’ve had majority positive experiences are those who use the app exclusively to meet women and/or non-binary people, including Duck-Chong and Lane.

“I have not been suspended - but, of other trans people I know who have, I would say all of them have been blocked/suspended for being trans.

Lane says that the script should be flipped on whose profiles are being removed: “Have a review process for men who continually report the accounts of trans women and kick them off the app instead”. Pay trans people to work on their policy and conditions.

Block users who antagonise trans users and express transphobia.” A woman who chooses to remain anonymous told me, “They just have to listen to trans people.

“I don't know the process behind how the bans are regulated and applied, but it is clear that this is pretty endemic amongst trans and non-binary users of apps like Tinder.” Duck-Chong says the experiences of trans women of differing sexualities are worlds apart."I do [feel safe], but explicitly because I filter hard and have no interest in meeting/talking to men from these apps.My worst Tinder date (heck, my worst ever date) had us meeting up at a bar, having a drink and then both saying 'This clearly isn’t for us, but I hope you have a lovely evening' and parting ways. I’ve had friends who date men barely escape with their lives.“I am a very open and out transgender woman publicly and find the majority of people who I do try to engage in conversation on these apps are very forward.It’s about them and their needs, and if you aren’t immediately receptive to them, they are aggressive.” Sheppard continues, explaining some of her day-to-day experiences on apps like Tinder.

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