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Political speed dating

Last, we knew from the start that content would be key.

The political topics and the statements needed to be curated in a way so it would appeal to a wide spectrum of voters.

As seen with traditional pollsters, so-called ‘social desirability bias’, where citizens give answers to surveys based on what they deem socially acceptable yet when alone in the ballot booth they will vote whatever they want, is very present.

Basically we were trying to make speed-dating less shallow.We therefore decided that for the platform to work, it had to be anonymous.Second, in order to create an intimate, open environment, the conversations needed to be strictly one-on-one.The words ‘filterbubble’, ‘echochamber’, and, for some for the first time since high school, ‘algorithm’, were all proudly added to our collective vocabulary.It turns out that many people get their news from social media sources such as Facebook — an advertising platform that now functions as a means to provide carefully curated, personalised news stories that fits the users’ profile, consisting of both traditional media outlets trying to compensate for decreasing subscribers, flashy online media platforms that mostly copy others’ content, lots and lots of opinions, and of course ad-driven fake news articles.

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Luckily, we received many of those in our inbox and on social media.