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There was just a different way they felt about my situation, because they’d been through it. He contacted me through the dating site a few times, and then he said, “Look, I’m traveling.” He was in Houston, and he had just gotten a big contract in Malaysia. I called the company he said he was a contractor for, and they didn’t know who he was.

But again, I wasn’t anticipating anyone not telling me the truth, so I just figured, well, he’s an international contractor, maybe they don’t have those guys listed on the company roster. I felt like I understood what he was doing, because at the time, I had investments in trees in Costa Rica. So for me, that was kind of a sign, that this gentleman works in a business I have an investment in.

” — not knowing that I was just enabling another scammer to be credible on the dating site. They were for setting up the power of attorney, or for paying a tariff, or a customs dispute somewhere.

There were multiple times when either Peter’s daughter got hurt, or Eric got hurt, and I would help out with certain things.

I would always ask, so I also got to know his attorney, whose name was Peter.What was the timeline he gave you as far as when you might meet, or when his work would allow him to be in the United States again?The promise was if that when he finished up this job, which was very big, he was coming home.He had a sister and a son who were in London, and they were going to come here with him for Christmas.I even went to the point of getting hotel reservations for them.

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So I figured well, heck, if it can work for them, then I can certainly try it.

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