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Philanderers comdating

Matthew is a successful, 48-year-old tech executive living outside of San Francisco.Over the course of five months from 2013 to 2014, his wife — we’ll call her “S” — cheated on him with countless men on the Ashley Madison website. He is charming and good to me and treats me well…but is a womanizer of note. Not to say that it is wrong to have opposite sex friends, but having dinner with the wife of his friend when her husband is away?!

In the fall of 2013, we were going through a rough patch. One month later, on Christmas Eve, suspicion got the best of me. S didn’t realize that the Notepad app on her i Pad synchronized with our email account.

He still speaks to his mother, but has a hard time dealing with what happened. I admit it and I’m working toward being a better person.” I’m currently looking for a new job in the tech world, and you can bet that I’m going to look up any potential new boss to see if they were on Ashley Madison — anyone who would lie to his or her spouse would lie to me.

Being divorced after nearly two decades of marriage because my wife was cheating on me on a site like Ashley Madison wasn’t the future I had envisioned.

Back when we were together, I thought what we had was good. It’s when someone appreciates you for who you actually are, and has your back.

Only in retrospect, now that I’m separated and in a new relationship, do I understand how good it can be. And when you’re not with them, you feel like something’s missing.

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