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Peaks colormetric ion hydrocarbon dating laboratory

60 The manufacturer or manufacturer/distributor shall conduct sufficient tests to ensure that adequate quality control is maintained and that cement furnished is in accordance with the specification requirements.Documentation pertaining to cement shipped on certification shall be maintained for a period of at least 3 years and shall 80 be provided when requested.(2) Once the initial qualifications have been met, the manufacturer or distributor shall be required to furnish the cement test results for each shipment prior to Department cement usage for the first 5 cement shipments, which are intended for Department use.The test results for all 5 of these cement shipments must fully comply with the required material specifications.AASHTO M 240, Type ISA Air-Entraining Portland Cement .................AASHTO M 85, Type IA or IIIA Air-Entraining Portland-Pozzolan Cement .......................................................

The QCP must explain the linkage between the cement being furnished and the manufacturer’s/distributor’s quality control data, relative to ship-loads, barge-loads, railroad car-loads, etc.Cement salvaged from discarded or used sacks shall not be used.Different kinds or brands of cement, or cement of the same brand from different mills, even if tested and approved, shall not be mixed during use unless permitted, and then only as directed.901.01 SECTION 900 – MATERIALS DETAILS SECTION 901 – PCC MATERIALS 901.01 Hydraulic Cement (a) General At the time cement is incorporated into the work, it shall meet the quality requirements of these specifications.Cement which has been in storage may be tested prior to use, and if tests show 10 that it does not meet the requirements specified, it will be rejected.

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If not, this requirement will be continued for subsequent cement shipments until 5 consecutive cement shipment test results fully comply with 786 901.02 the required material specifications, or Department source approval is withdrawn due to the inability to consistently supply satisfactory cement.