On line dating romance scam

Posted by / 22-Feb-2020 13:16

If the scammer is successful in persuading you to lend or give them money, they will usually come back with more and more reasons for needing more.People who have fallen victim to romance scams tend to report the same pattern.

Requests for additional money kept coming, with the fraudsters citing different reasons each time on why the package was stuck at customs.Within weeks, their relationship grew into an internet romance with the man sending daily emails in English that she translated via Google.The man who called himself Terry Garcia asked for money -- lots of it -- from the woman identified as FK in federal court documents.You can check whether someone’s profile picture is associated with anyone else by accessing the website in Google Chrome, right-clicking on the picture and then clicking ‘Search Google for image’.Google will then display any other websites that the image is on.

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The scammer may also contact you on social media such as Facebook – this is why you should never accept friend requests from people you don’t know.