Okinawa japan dating sites

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Okinawa japan dating sites

Not far from the park lies the Himeyuri monument that commemorates women who were forced to work for the Japanese Army.Another war-related site is the Former Navy Underground Headquarters, where many lives perished in the underground corridors and rooms.Okinawans proudly identify themselves as uchinanchu or “sea people” in their local dialect.I had the privilege to live in Okinawa for some time and I hope to share my love for this beautiful island through this list!Even without diving deep into the ocean, snorkelers can just swim near the coast and get up close and personal with different sea creatures.Beach-goers are pampered by Okinawa’s impressive spread of beaches, especially special sand bars like Kume island’s Hatenohama beach – a sanctuary in the middle of the ocean.Situated near the island’s southern tip, Peace Memorial Park provides a sober but informative look at the devastating effects of the war and the impact on innocent Okinawans.

The distinctive Okinawan culture can be observed from a hybrid of eastern and western influences in its architecture, food and even language.These mysterious castle ruins offer insights to the island’s fascinating cultural and historical heritage.Found all over the Okinawa’s mainland on elevated lands, castle ruins like Nakagusku, Katsuren and Zakimi are great places to enjoy panoramic views of the island.Designated as an UNESCO World Heritage in 2000, the castle has a unique architectural style that is different from other Japanese castles.You can embark on a “stamp rally” and explore the castle’s vast grounds before ending your trip with a sunset overlooking the city.

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Located on a hilltop, Shuri Castle was originally built in late 1300s and destroyed many times throughout history.

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