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It provides a convenient mechanism for sharing data across platforms, and is a relatively robust, nearly ubiquitous solution to centralized data storage problems.

Engineers are familiar with it, users accustomed to it, and developers continue to improve it.

Following are a few known problems with NFS and suggested workarounds.

NFS does not synchronize time between client and server, and offers no mechanism for the client to determine what time the server thinks it is.

With gulp-watch running, we could edit a file from the host which was being watched by the guest, and it would not be noticed.

NFS fails at the goal of allowing a computer to access files over a network as if they were on a local disk.

While this is generally not an issue if clocks are a few seconds or even a few minutes off, it can be confusing and misleading to humans.I eventually boiled down the problem to a very short PHP script to demonstrate the error.(incrementing its full contents, a single integer) via the host and then refreshing the page, either it would work as expected (new file modification date, and the new file contents) or the contents of the file would update but the file modification date would not.The widespread misconception about the compatibility and transparency of NFS means that it is often used inappropriately, and often put into production when better, more acceptable solutions exist.The Network File System (NFS) is a protocol developed by Sun Microsystems.

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