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Ancient people rarely threw out what was valuable to them.Things like jewelry and crafts are often found in graves but they have often already been taken by graverobbers and looters.On modern archeologists, the German film director Werner Herzog told Archeology magazine, “It's quite extraordinary what they are doing now.How they have new, almost forensic-like science to collect pollen and understand the vegetation.You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.Past Horizons : online magazine site covering archaeology and heritage news as well as news on other science fields; The Archaeology Channel explores archaeology and cultural heritage through streaming media; Ancient History Encyclopedia : is put out by a non-profit organization and includes articles on pre-history; Best of History Websites is a good source for links to other sites; Essential Humanities provides information on History and Art History, including sections Prehistory Looting ancient sites and digging up graves to find treasures has been around since the beginning of civilization but painstakingly excavated sites and carefully studying what is there---archaeology, in other words---is a relatively new idea. Many objects obtained in the Middle East were obtained through the Ottoman patronage system. Andre Lero-Gourhan revolutionized the practice of excavations by recognizing that vertical digs destroy the context of a site.The modern science of archaeology was invented in the 17th century. Over 20 years (1964-1984) he and his students painstakingly excavated “scraping away the soil in small horizontal squares and making notes of where everything was located” the 12,000-year-old site of Pincevent, offering of the most detailed picture up to that point of life in the Paleolithic period.

Wooden objects and wooden structures in most circumstances do not survive very long (although wood does survive better in wet conditions than dry, and the wooden hulls of ships are sometimes preserved for thousands of years under the sea floor).

^*^ “Many buildings in antiquity had stone foundations (which do survive) and wooden superstructures (which do not).

Neither do paints last; the temples and other public buildings which we are used to thinking of as being the color of marble were in fact brightly painted, as were marble statues.

[Source: David Silverman, Reed College, Classics 373 ~ History 393 Class ^*^] “The laws of physics determine what sort of objects survive in the ground through centuries of time.

Dry climates and sandy soils preserve delicate materials better than wet climates and muddy soils; this is why the vast majority of preserved papyrus fragments from classical antiquity come from the dry sands of Egypt.

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Many archaeological sites are discovered accidently, often during construction projects.

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