Matthew underwood and victoria justice dating

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Matthew underwood and victoria justice dating

Also, drama is added to the series through Chase's crush on Zoey, who remains oblivious though it's obvious to everyone else.Chase develops a crush on Zoey the day he meets her.Zoey has roommate troubles when perky Nicole and cranky Dana's personalities clash.Zoey, tired of their constant fighting decides to move in with her neighbor, Quinn, which may not have been a good idea.List of Zoey 101 characters • Zoey 101 • Victorious • Drake & Josh • Gigantic • The Amanda Show All That • True Jackson, VP • H20: Just Add Water!A young girl and her brother attend a private boarding school that has just allowed girls to enroll for the first time in its history. Lola, Quinn, Michael, and Logan hate Gretchen because she does disgusting things like digging her nose, popping zits in public, scratching her armpits, and not having table manners.Chase admits to Michael and Logan that he misses Zoey... Zoey finds out the same time when Chase tells Michael and Logan, through a webcam in the room at Covington which was accidentally left on.

Chase, having decided he must be with Zoey, convinces his parents to transfer him to Covington Prepatory school where Zoey was attending, only to find out that she had already transferred back to PCA to be with him.

Jamie Lynn Spears won the Kids' Choice Award for Favorite TV Actress in 2006.

The following is a list of episodes for the Nickelodeon television series, Zoey 101.

In the following episode, "Anger Management", we discover that Zoey and James have become a couple.

In the following episode, "Quinn Misses the Mark", Logan and Quinn become a couple after Logan talks to Quinn and kisses her.

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Zoey and her friends attend their second semester at PCA.

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