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She described the work as “a graphic book series designed for children”, stating that the book is about a young girl who joins a group of characters she described as “this family, the Squickerwonkers, and they’re strange outcasts who all have very particular vices”.

Lilly has stated that future books will each reveal a new Squickerwonker character and unique vice, which will eventually become the undoing of the character.

She also worked at Green Bay Bible Camp near Kelowna and at the Earls Restaurant in Abbotsford.

To fund her university education, Evangeline also did TV commercials (e.g.

Lily never speaks about her personal life and is known to guard it zealously.

Lilly stated that the goal was to “make a book that we would like to have read as children and that we would still enjoy as adults today”.

In addition as a result of its outstanding act, Entertainment Weekly has voted Evangeline Lilly as one of the revelation stars of 2004.

When Evangeline was cast as Kate in Lost, her main concern was acquiring a work visa to enter the United States (U. With production literally days away and no news about the visa, casting directors were forced to grudgingly begin re-casting the role of Kate.

Born in a low income group family, she supported herself financially from the age of 15.

She taught in the local Sunday school for eight years, and also served as a foreign missionary in the Philippines where she lived in a grass hut.

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Since then, she has been appearing in some commercials and as an extra in series and movies. And even though she felt satisfied working as an extra because she thought Hollywood was not for her, a friend challenged her to aspire to more. Abrams saw Lilly’s audition tape just two weeks before shooting was set to begin on the pilot, after rejecting countless actresses for the lead role of Kate Austen.

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