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Latoya simmons from dating game

Jay tells about the time Steve-o cooked him a vegan meal and the first time he met Louis CK, camper calls in about opening for Pauly Shore who was a total douche, Mike Finoia in studio, Pauly Shore showtime documentary, Jolly Cat's Waddle like a duck drives Dan INSANE, comparing Jolly Cat to Chet Haze and Felddog, camper donated to Felddog's indie gogo for his album, Artie Lang in studio to chat about Sumner Redstone, owner of viacom, and his 94 year old sex life.

fat Axle Rose, Marilyn Manson isn't cool anymore, the team gives their thoughts on Batman vs Superman, 90s sitcom theme songs, the team discusses Kevin Brennan shittin on Lo S for not interviewing him properly, Nick Nolte voices, the team plans a Bonfire spa day, the guys plan to go over to O&A where Kevin Brennan is guesting to play a prank but some loser called O&A and ratted them out, Dan reviews Wrestlemania, Janessa drops through the episode.

The boys sing along to Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers.

Dan is brought to the brink of beating off like circus chimp when Jay finds a fake nude pic of Dolly. Deb from the golf channel pops in to say hello - claims Ben is a fan of the show. Jay's gripe with Delta Airlines, the guys turn Al Pacino's Any Given Sunday speech into a tirade against Delta Airlines, campers call in with their gripes against Delta, the guys watch and decimate Virgin Air's safety video, MC Search's talk show.

Dave Atell and Nick Di Paolo in studio, Jay rapping along to Queen Bitch by Lil Kim, beef with Opie over the Bonfire having to move studios, camper calls in about guy with sour face at Dan's San Fran show, the guys chat about interviews before sets when on the road, DJ Lou's edited versions of the guys shitty song lyrics (razor in the shower, forgot your friends names, sorry I forgot your Greek yogurt, I wanna go on vacation by myself, I need my shirts), Dan & Jay inform Dave & Nick about Chet Haze, Tonya Harding, females vs males in sports Jay mistook Joel Osteen for Clay Aiken, one word impressions of Aaron Berg and Joe De Rosa, bullying, the guys watch the trailer for the documentary Bully, the guys' crushes on girls who saw them as nonsexual, good and bad breasts, Bruce Jenner's dick flop in old Olympics videos, dicks falling out during sports, DJ Lou's Whole New World//Apocalypse Now, It's a Small World /Apocalypse Now, and Mary Poppins/Platoon compliations, more of DJ Lou's edited versions of the guys shitty song lyrics, sex acts with people with illnesses/deformities.

The guys discuss a murder that occurred at the Comedy Store in West Hollywood, stories of violence the guys and campers have witnessed, hack comedians, camper Josh who has been to Aghanistan as part of the US army calls in, camper @Ginga Ninja (Ryan) calls in with a story of a friend who committed a murder-suicide, amazing bonfire-themed spoof version of Mo' Money, Mo' Problems made by camper Denny Fatbeard, camper Allan from Texas calls in with story of seeing a guy empty an entire clip into a car the previous night, camper Dee calls in to ask why Dan rejected her when she hit on him at a recent show, camper Stephanie calls in with a story about a race war at her high school, camper Chris in CA calls in with a story of some bad Thai food that caused bubble guts.

The guys recount their and their stepdad's fave snacks from childhood, Jay talks about the underground black comedy circuit, comedian Ari Shaffir in studio. The guys introduce him to Chet Haze and rick Hill, they talk about how high and Redman's episode of MTV cribs, story of dan meeting Redman in the elevator, camper Ben calls in and tells the guys about a video of tony danzer crashing a golf cart, tony danzer dinner music riffing, shitting, Kurt cobain documentary, camper Isaiah calls in to tell the guys about tony danzers ex wife driving the limo he rented, ugliest celebrity wives Miley Cyrus decent into slutdum, Kurt metzger in studio, the guys fill Kurt in about brad, long vs short hair on women, anxiety, therapy, jacob mistakes Sirius XM BPM DJ liquid Todd for right said fred Sal Volcano in studio, Jay’s audition in LA story, the guys watch Feldawg and the angels perform with Skrillex, first watch of Feldawg interview with “what childhood?

, Jay tells about drunk Christine saying something about "the 2 guys that raw dogged me" which ultimately leads to the Bonfire court, drunk Joe Namath.The guys trash Styx, Dan recounts selling his white Dodge Stratus to a Hispanic family, the scene from Pet Semetary when baby Gage gets hit by a transport truck, the guys watch fights from Total Recall, Jacob tries to get Jay Kendrick Lamar tickets, the guys describe the color of their dicks, Jay shows Vanilla Dan gross things happening in porn, Dan describes his Jameson & Budweiser routine from his drinking days, the guys recount their mushroom trip at Bonnaroo.Live and new all week for the New York Comedy Festival!The guys recap the call from Brad, camper Jake aka Cousin Cletus calls in with stories of working for the ICP and having to change from spraying the audience with regular to diet Faygo because the sugar destroys the sets, campers call in with acronyms for BRAD.Hot chick hecklers, Dan's tells how it ended with the British rapper, DJ Lou's edited versions of the guys shitty song lyrics (razor in the shower, forgot your friends names, sorry I forgot your Greek yogurt, I wanna go on vacation by myself, I need my shirts), Daniel Cooksey's roles including his character being kidnapped on Diff'rent Strokes ("I will kill your parents, Sam" drop), Bill Bellamy's Who's Got Jokes? Sleeping with older women, Jay describes a night that was supposed to be he and Carla's first time, DJ Lou plays David Gray instead of Marilyn Manson, camper Lizette from Indiana calls in with a story of banging her son's friend, stumbling on nudes of people's parents, comedian Chris Di Stefano in studio tells his story of banging a friends mom, camper Jason calls in with a story of going into the army with his best friend since the age of 5, the friend was killed overseas, and in their grief the guys mom seduced him!

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DJ Lou is out seeing Pearl Jam at Madison Square Gardens, was Rob Thomas high during his speech about Chicago's induction into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, replacement singers in classic rock bands, Rich Vos in studio, everyone tries snorting snuff, Tom Rhodes in studio, Tom tells about stopping drinking, and they watch a video of a kid "learning to defend himself" from his dad after messing up in school.

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