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Joe cheng and rainie yang dating

Youn Dasan (Jang Dong Gun), 24, is the eldest son and cares for his mother and sick grandmother. His father was a fisherman but died when Dasan was a teen.

He’d taught Dasan everything about fish, but Dasan’s real passion is cooking.

Third, I love creating rich backstories, and after writing this one, I really want to see Jang Dong Gun and Jeon Ji Hyun work together. When tragedy befalls their little family, the boys are parted from their parents, and the youngest is separated from his brothers. Follow the now-grown boys on their sometimes amusing, often heart-tugging, ultimately heartwarming, life-changing journey of growth and maturity, forgiveness and love. He gave Li Na everything she wanted and raised her preciously.

Chun Ho shows up while they celebrate with friends and tosses 2 suitcases at her feet.Dasan sends them away to live with his sister in Seoul.The Choi family has a big dinner and Chun Ho reveals Li Na’s love affair with a “water rat.” Li Na is furious, but doesn’t deny it.Many more to come.” She added hearts – “First kiss.” Chun Ho finds Dasan’s whereabouts and sends gangsters to give him a warning.He’s out fishing, so they terrorize his mother and grandmother and wreck their home so badly the frightened landlord throws them out.

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Chun Ho becomes the head of the studio accounting department and also develops a system of ‘cooking the books.’ One hot afternoon Li Na goes sailing around Haeundae with friends, but they veer off into the fishing lanes.

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