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Jeff branson elizabeth hendrickson dating

"I used to get a little frustrated with what I wore as Frankie; I was sick of looking like a rugrat," she stated. Somewhat of a risk-taker, the character is frequently known to handle matters her way, no matter the consequence.

He cited a 1991 study by Northwestern University professor Michael Bailey that found among female identical twins, one gay twin raised the likelihood of the other being gay to 48 percent, compared to fraternal twins, whose likelihood was only 12 percent.The two eventually manage to become lovers, though heartbreak soon follows.Beyond fiction, Maggie is recognized as one of the most notable lesbian characters and LGBT icons in daytime television history.She eventually began to feel the difference between the two characters, and related Maggie more to herself. The one that they [used] was when I went to catch her and bent over, forgetting that I was wearing a miniskirt. I'm not used to wearing miniskirts on the show — I'm used to wearing baggy pants!"I wanted to keep Maggie light, with a bit more humor," she said. When I realized, I turned to everyone and was like, '[Gasps] Oh, my goodness! .'" Though the change in wardrobe was a different feel, Hendrickson welcomed the new look. " Her sense of humor is brought together by witty one-liners, often relying on such when angry, confrontational, or happy.

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