Is chelsea handler still dating andre balazs is radiometric dating flaws

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She stays at all his hotels and also happens to be the fiancée of Arthur Landon, 35, son of the late Sir Timothy Landon, the 'White Sultan' (a former SAS officer who secured a fortune of some £500m from the Sultan of Oman for helping to overthrow his father).Arthur is close to Prince Harry (he was on the infamous Vegas trip when Harry stripped for billiards).

The story includes accounts from two other women, including a former employee at the Chateau Marmont, who say Balazs touched them inappropriately.

Debbie Harry was leaving the Mercer Hotel in New York City on Sunday when she was swarmed by paparazzi trying to capture shots of her.

The photographers were soon disappointed to discover that they weren’t taking pictures of who they thought they were – they thought 66-year-old Harry was 25-year-old Lindsay Lohan.

Plus, Chelsea shares her thoughts on marriage and children.

Normally it is Ellen De Generes trying to get stars to talk about who they are dating, but on Monday the host did not even have a chance to ask before Chelsea demanded to talk about her on and off again boyfriend, Andre Balazs.

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'This applies to his life too.' Balazs's genius in business is twofold: first, he knows that stars love excess - he'll go to any length to provide that - and privacy.

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