Humorous dating contract russian dating mamba petropavlovsk

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Humorous dating contract

The purpose of this contract is to provide an alternative for couples who want to make a commitmentto each other that is more than the choice of living together and not as final as marriage with an‘Until death do us part’ promise.

The two most important and unique ingredients of this agreementare the semi-annual question and answer session and the choice of a specific time frame for partnersto agree to be together.

The world is full of attorneysthat would be more than happy to increase their income by constructing a legally binding agreementto settle your financial affairs if you wish. The semi-annual Q & A process is intended to help you decideif the agreement should be broken, and a bad relationship be discontinued. Someone else will surely see the good in you and want you for what you are, as long as you are honest. The subject of whether or not you intend to renew the contract for another termis an example of a question you could add.

A time frame needs to be chosen for the life of the contract. We encourage you to tell us what your additional questions are.

We feel an arrangement of this typeis serious and should not be considered for anything less than a full year. By choosing a time frame, you will always be aware of the ending date. Click on the suggestion boxto submit ideas you feel strongly about.

We suggest up to five yearsor even more if you want. This will help your relationshipin itself by increasing your peace of mind if you want the relationship to end, because it would,automatically when you reach the ending date. In the end, this program has been created solely forthe purpose of making your life better.

Knowing when it is due to end can motivate youto impress your partner and behave similarly to a courtship period. Copyright 2014 - Jim B LLC DBA JB Company All Rights Reserved.

If the agreement is terminated, financial settlementsshould occur as they would if the agreement reached full term. One false notion, or emotion, is that it’s best to stay in a ‘dead’ relationshipbecause for whatever reason, you are afraid, or you don’t feel you would be able to find another partner. That is absolutely not a valid reason for staying in a relationship. What do I not do sexually that you would like me to do? Negative responsesmust be brought up when they exist, to give each other a chance to change and keep them from increasingin intensity until it’s too late.

Financial affairs are recognized as an integral part of any relationship. How is money affecting and influencing our relationship? Do you want to fulfill the time limit of our agreement? The signatures on this agreement are not in any way, shape, or form legally binding including churchor government authority.

We suggest each persondocument all assets and liabilities they bring into the relationship. The signatures only represent our sincere intentions to commit ourselvesto this personal relationship.

For unmarried couples, any and all common law procedures already in placewould govern.

Couples that are already living together are encouraged to read our materials and decideif they wish to increase their level of commitment, and sign our proposed agreement.

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Although an eventas complex and extravagant as a wedding may not be appropriate for this commitment,you may choose to create a ceremony that includes some traditions similar to a wedding. This agreement my be printed and used for free for your personal use only.