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To those who can’t, this can be a little bit of problem.

I believe that 73 per cent (I’m a Psychology students, I like giving stats that are not credible) of all fights between couples are due to miscommunication.

The tips got pretty specific in some cases: It’s 28 percent better for a male to refer to females as women rather than girls, and men who use “whom” get 31 percent more contacts from the opposite sex.

We even love it more when you can actually catch them.

The girl has something in her mind, communicates it vaguely, the boy understands a bit, and makes a whole new story. First, it can mean that, “Well, I don’t really have any preference.

Then the girl feels that, “You never try to understand me! Here I’m trying to decode some popular hints we girls say to the boys. You can choose anything and I’ll tag along.” This means, if you keep on pressing her to tell what she really wants, she would become a time bomb. So boys, start making choices and lead (but be flexible with your choices to accommodate her needs and wants, too).

These guys and their data teams ran queries of all kinds and pulled spreadsheet after spreadsheet of information to try and answer our strange questions.

We also needed Ok Cupid to get permission from their users to enable us to publish those popular profile pics.

Enroll in a yoga class and learn to surf—they’re the most popular activities for men and women alike, so either desirable singles are super mellow or it’s aspirational, and everyone to be mellow.When you meet people in the real world, you typically see them in a social context, such as how they interact with workmates, friends and family members.One negative aspect of online dating is that you are dealing with a digital persona made of words and images (and possibly some online voice or video chats before you meet in the flesh).” (rolling eyes) “I don’t know babe.” Well, it means she’s not interested. When she is silent, she can be really have nothing to talk about and just want to enjoy the night. But it can also mean that she is having a hard day at work (or uni) and you are talking too much without asking her how her day went. And it can also mean that she is fed up with you for something that you’ve done, and she is to figure it out.Worse is when the boy really has no idea and talks some more about his basketball game just now.

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