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By date two or three, you won’t know if this person could be your lifelong partner.

But after two or three dates, you will know if this is a person you inherently feel comfortable with. These are normal questions and thoughts everyone has in dating.

“They’ll also go to the washroom to use their phone.”And if she’s not feeling the chemistry, she’ll make an excuse to leave.“Women will sit there and listen to be polite but then say something like they’re tired or they have to get going because they have an early day the next day,” Tebb says.

“I think women will still be attentive on the date but we’re not flirting as much – like smiling or batting our eye lashes or getting close to them.

They’ll be a little more standoff-ish and guarded.”The first sign that often signals when a man isn’t interested, Tebb says, is when he limits his communication.“You’re always the one texting or contacting them,” she says.

“They’re not really checking in daily, but maybe they’re checking in twice a week instead.

It is imperative that you think about this issue – how natural and comfortable you feel – from the very start of any relationship.

If your dating experiences are resulting in a pattern where you feel frustrated and unsatisfied, give yourself a chance for something better by facing the cold, hard truth.

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Of course, we have all heard examples of long-term couples where one or both members share a story where they say they didn’t at first like that person, or they thought he or she was rude, arrogant, or even boring.

Trust me when I say that these couples are the exception and not the rule.

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They may be off-the-charts attractive, very successful in work, or have an overall lifestyle that seems exciting and fun.

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