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Full figuered america american dating sites

Her Guefles were often fo (hrewd that fome began to ftare, and at length, as the Wonders of her Skill increafed, pronounced her a Witch. I,aws againd Witchcraft, xxvi, 55-7, 97 ; againd Powowing, »37- Leet, William, 89, 95.

None but Hags came near her, and (he expired on a Bed of filthy Straw. 90 ; a Child of, 112 ; Witchcraft, 136, 20^ 10 , none at the Vineyard, i 39 ; in Advance of the Englifh, 140; Tome at Albany, 209 ; forbid to powow, 137. Mother Danforth was the Leader of the frightful Band. The Writer is not as old as he from whom the above Extra(5ls are made, but it was his For- tune in Youth to be acquainted in many Towns, in nearly all of which there was a reputed Witch. None of thofe Experiments which often fent lefs careful Witches to their long Account, ever reached her — fhc was Proof againfl every witch-killing Procefs; fhe had been (hot at in the Form of a Cat, with filver Bullets, but all to no Ef Fedt." But the Author of this Extrad does not tell what became of Mother Danforth. In one in particular, a Daughter-in-law fuftained the Belief of her Neighbours that her Mother-in- law was a Witch, that (he was known to have been abfent at Nights attending Witch-Meetings; that {he had been rid by her and exhibited her worn Hands, though when rid (he was turned into a Horfe. Her Speeches were (hort, ftriking, and, like thofe of the Sybil, generally equivocal. An hundred of them are fre(h in my Memory at this Moment, and are quite equal to thofe left us from the ancient Oracles.

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Thefe Laws gradu- ally dropped out of the Statute Books, as the Peo- ple became enlightened; and fo it was with many other Laws, enadled in as much Darknefs as were linft Witchcraft. Hooker, Samuel, Magiftrate, 121 Hooper, Madam, Fortune-teller, xlix-iii.

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