Frog chat for adult

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Frog chat for adult

Adult frogs also have two prominent yellow or gold dorsolateral folds extending the full length of the body.

There is a small white spot in the center of the tympanum, or eardrum. Leopard frogs have long, powerful hind legs and webbed hind feet.

The taxonomic status of leopard frogs has been widely debated.

At one time, all were regarded as a single species, Rana pipiens.

Today this group is recognized as a large complex made up of distinct species, at least one of which occurs in each of the lower 48 states.

The female lays several hundred eggs in a firm, gelatinous mass, often attached to a stem or other object just below the water’s surface. In the wild, the vast majority of leopard frogs do not survive their first year.

The call is usually a series of guttural croaks followed by a clucking or chuckling trill, which some people compare to the sound produced by rubbing an inflated balloon.

The southern leopard frog is common to abundant throughout most of its range in North Carolina, and is probably the most common frog in the Coastal Plain.

Adults forage on land and may venture far from water, especially in wet meadows and similar habitats.

Rather wary, these frogs active and powerful leapers, and they may be difficult to catch.

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The 2 species can also be distinguished by their calls.