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My third evening in the Islamic Republic of Iran lands me in an underground music gig in a hip café-cum-alcohol-free-bar in the capital, Tehran, where a special band is playing. My new friend Nousha* and I sit stage left and chat.

The café swells with young , a small ocean of dark hair, streetwear and hijabs moving with excitement. I’d met Nousha, a vivacious One act and two fruit mocktails later, we join the crowd in a smoke break outside, where the conversation turns to sex.

In recent years, however, young people have resisted tradition by living together before marriage – an ‘epidemic’ condemned by the Supreme Leader – or shunning marriage altogether.

And while national Islamic dating websites like Tebyan exist, where parents arrange and attend dates for their adult children, Tinder in Iran still runs hot.

“Men always comment on your looks, and if you look different to a ‘normal’ woman, you get stared at so much.

And we to wear hijab.” She recounts how one time on the bus, an older woman chastised her friend whose hijab had slipped off, saying she would distract the men on-board. ” Interestingly, one of Nousha’s friends, Dee,* who I chat with at The Finches gig, views the hijab differently.

Thus, The Finches’ gig of Arctic Monkeys and Led Zeppelin renditions, interspersed with their own punk-rock, Courtney Barnett-esque tracks in both Farsi and English, is a reverberating slap to the system’s face.

Here, I learn that Shadi, now 21, has hitchhiked to, and travelled around, Jordan – alone.

Asked about women’s freedom in Iran: “We hate restrictions and so are willing to do anything to rise against them.

Post-gig, I ask Nousha: “So, do you have a boyfriend? “I have a girlfriend.” Aware of the sociocultural, religious and political challenges faced by the LBGTIQ community in Muslim countries, I engage Nousha weeks later in a Whatsapp interview to discuss the situation for queer Iranians.

“It’s really fucked up because citizens in Iran have zero freedom of speech.

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You can’t really be who you want to be,” Nousha tells me.

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