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Posted by / 29-May-2020 16:25

You should bear in mind that you'll probably end up paying more for a specially made hidden camera.Your money may go further on a more mass produced home security camera that will get you higher specs but at the cost of losing some subtlety.

The Neighbors app, which lets Ring device owners share video clips and report possible crimes, has been criticized for making crimes appear more prevalent than they actually are and feeding into existing biases and racism.

If the camera is in one room with a fixed vantage point then 1080p resolution should do the job just fine.

Although, of course, it depends on how big the room is.

The Black Box Micro HD cam gives you full control of your home by turning virtually any household object into a surveillance system.

From a tissue box to a teddy bear, any object can become your new set of eyes with this specialty camera.

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